Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Cracked Plate Repaired by Patch (I)

보강재로 보수된 균열평판의 파괴역학적 해석(I)

  • Published : 2000.08.01


The enhancement of service life of damaged or cracked structures is currently major issue to the researchers and engineers. In order to improve the life of cracked aging aircraft structures, the repair technique which uses adhesively bonded boron/epoxy composite patches is being widely considered as a cost-effective and reliable method. This paper is to study the performance of the bonded composite patch repair of a plate containing an inclined central through-crack. A 3-dimensional finite element method having three layers to the cracked plate, composite patch and adhesive layer, is used to compute the stress intensity factor. In this paper, the reduction of stress intensity factors near the crack-tip are determined to evaluate the effects of various non-dimensional design parameter including composite patch thickness, and material properties of the composite patch and thickness of the adhesive layer, materials of patch etc., and the crack length, Finally, The problem of how to optimize the patch geometric configurations has been discussed.


Adhesive;Debonding;Adhesive Shear Stress;Reduction of Stress Intensity Factor


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