Inverse Dynamic Analysis of Constrained Multibody Systems Considering Friction Forces on Kinematic Joints

기구학적 조인트에서 마찰력을 고려한 구속 다물체계의 역동역학 해석

  • Published : 2000.08.01


A method for the inverse dynamic analysis of constrained multibody systems considering friction forces acting on kinematic joints is presented in this paper. The stiction and the sliding which represent zero and non-zero relative motions are considered during the inverse dynamic analysis. Actuating forces to control the position or the orientation of constrained multibody systems are usually calculated in the inverse dynamic analysis. An iterative procedure need to be employed to calculate the actuating forces when the friction is considered. Furthermore, the actuating forces are not uniquely determined during the stiction. These difficulties are resolved by the method presented in this paper.


Inverse Dynamic Analysis;Stiction;Sliding;Kinetic Friction Coefficient;Static Friction Coefficient;Constrained Multibody System


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