Design Analysis and Experimental Evaluation of an MR Fluid Clutch

자기장 및 유동 해석을 이용한 자기유변 클러치의 성능 예측 및 검증

  • Published : 2000.08.01


An MRC(Magneto-rheological Clutch) has a great potential of application because of its good transmissibility, little wear-out and fast response to electrical control signal. Though many MRCs have been developed for years, there has not been an research on the method to predict the performance of MRC except the simplified mathematical models. But the simplified mathematical models do not fit well since their performance has close relations with shapes of clutches and viscosity distribution throughout the fluids caused by applied magnetic fields. in this study, the CFD and FEM analyses were applied to various shape of MRC and the methods were examined in experiments.


MR Fluids;MR Clutch;CFD;FEM;Magnetic Field


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