Development of Small-Specimen Creep Tester for Life Assessment of High Temperature Components of Power Plant

발전소 고온부의 수명 평가를 위한 소형 시편용 크리프 시험기의 개발

  • Published : 2000.10.01


The most effective means of evaluating remaining life is through the creep testing of samples removed from the component. But sampling of large specimen from in-service component is actually impossible. So, sampling device and small-specimen creep tester have been applied. Sampling device has been devised to extract mechanically small samples by hemispherical, diamond -coated cutter from the surface of turbine rotor bores and thick-walled pipes without subsequent weld repairs requiring post weld heat treatment. A method of manufacturing small creep specimen, 2min gage diameter and 10min gage length, using electron beam welding to attach grip section, has been proven. Small-specimen creep tester has been designed to control atmosphere to prevent stress increment by oxidation during experiment. To determine whether the small specimens successfully reproduce the behavior of large specimens, creep rupture tests for small and large specimens have been performed at identical conditions. Creep rupture times based on small specimens have closely agreed within 5% error compared with that of large specimen. The errors in rupture time have decreased at longer test period. This comparison validates the procedure for fabricating and testing on small specimen. This technique offers potential as an efficient method for remaining life assessment by direct sampling from in -service high temperature components.


Sampling Device;Small-Specimen Creep Tester;Electron Beam Welding;Creep Rupture Time


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