A Study on Hydraulic Control Characteristics of a Swashplate Type Axial Piston Pump-Regulator System by Linearization Analysis

사판식 액셜피스톤 펌프-레귤레이터계의 선형화해석에 의한 유압제어특성 고찰

  • Published : 2000.10.01


The regulator system has been modeled and combined to a swashplate type axial piston pump. Linear approximation has been performed for nonlinear coefficient terms of an axial piston pump-regulator model without significantly affecting accuracy. Based on the mathematical model of an axial piston pump-regulator system, a couple of characteristic curves of negative flow control and horsepower control are drawn, which show a good correlation with those of experimental results. So the simplified axial piston pump-regulator model in this paper is expected to be utilized not only for the design and analysis of hydraulic circuit of excavator but also for prevention of engine overload.


Regulator;Axial Piston Pump;Pilot Piston;Compen Piston;Negative Flow Control;Horsepower Control


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