Machined Surface Inspection Based on Surface Fairing on the Machine Tool

곡면평활화를 고려한 공작기계상에서의 가공곡면 검사

  • Published : 2000.04.01


The assessment of machined surface is difficult because the freeform surface must be evaluated by surface fairness as well as dimensional accuracy. In this study, the machined freeform surface is modeled by interpolating the data measured on the machine tool into the mathematical continuous surface, and then the surface model is improved with the parameterization to minimize surface fairness. The accuracy reliability of the measured data is confirmed through compensation of volumetric errors of the machine tool and of probing errors. Non-uniform B-spline surface interpolation method is adopted to guarantee the continuity of surface model. Surface fairness is evaluated with the consideration of normal curvature on the interpolated surface. The validity and usefulness of the proposed method is examined through computer simulation and experiment on the machine tool.


Error Compensation;Freeform Surface;Non-uniform B-spline Surface;Parameterization;Surface Fairing


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