Rerformance Evaluation of ER Suspensions Under Field Test

실차 시험을 통한 ER 현가장치의 성능평가

  • Published : 2000.02.01


This paper presents performance characteristics of a semi-active suspension featuring continuously variable ER (electro-rheological) dampers. These are evaluated through the field test of a passeng er car. Four ER dampers (two for front and two for rear part) are manufactured and their field-dependent damping properties are experimentally investigated. The damping force responses to step input fields are also identified by employing small size of high voltage amplifiers which are made adaptable to the field test. A skyhook controller considering the vertical, pitch and roll motions is formulated and incorporated with a car to be tested. The field test is then undertaken in order to evaluate both comfortability and steering stability showing bump, dive and squat responses.


Electro-Rheological Fluid;ER Suspension;Semi-Active Suspension;Skyhook Control;Field Test


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