An Experimental Study on the Strength Evaluation of Mechanical Press Joint

기계적 프레스 접합부의 강도 평가에 관한 실험적 연구

  • Published : 2000.02.01


Mechanical press joining technique has been used in sheet metal joining processes because of its simple process and possibility of joining dissimiliar metals, such as steel and aluminum. The static and cyclic behavior of single overlap AI-alloy and steel(SPCC) joints has been investigate. Relationships were developed to estimate the strength of the joint taking into consideration base metal strength properties and the geometry of the joint. Fatigue test results have shown that fatigue resistance of the SPCC mechanical press joints is almost equal to that of the spot weld at the life of $10^6$ cycles. Also, the dissimilar material jointed specimen with upper SPCC plate and button diameter corresponding to the nugget diameter of the spot welded specimen has almost same strength as the same material jointed specimen and as the spot welded specimen.


Mechanical Press Joining;Button Diameter;Neck Thickness;Equivalent Stress;Interface Failure Mode;Pull-out Failure Mode;Eyebrow Failure Mode;Low Plate Failure Mode


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