Tribology Characteristics on the Atmospheric Pressure of Alumina Ceramics with Different Purity

순도를 달리한 알루미나 세라믹스의 분위기 압력변화에 따른 Tribology 특성

  • Published : 2000.02.01


This study was undertaken to investigate tribological characteristics with atmospheric pressure for three alumina ceramics of different purity, such as, 85 %, 95 % and 99.7 %. The wear test was carried out using the wear test device which was designed for this study in air, $10^-2$ Torr and $10^-4$ Torr. The friction coefficient depends entirely on atmospheric pressure and alumina with lower purity than higher purity has been much affected by heat accumulation. The friction surface of ceramics have been protected in the air by the influence of the oxides transferred from STB2. However, the protective layer can not be formed due to the decrease of oxygen in vacuum.


Alumina Ceramics;Tribological Characteristics;Atmospheric Pressure;Protective Layer;Heat Accumulation


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