Near-Net-Shape Forming and Finite Element Analysis for Ceramic Powder Under Cold Combination Pressing and Pressureless Sintering

냉간 조합압축과 상압소결에 의한 세라믹 분말의 정밀정형과 유한요소해석

  • Published : 2000.02.01


Near-net-shape forming of zirconia powder was investigated under the combination of cold die and isostatic pressing and pressureless sintering. A novel combination pressing technique, i.e., die com paction under cold isostatic pressing, allowed to produce a complex shaped ceramic powder compact with the controlled dimensions and relatively uniform density distributions. The constitutive models proposed by Kim and co-workers for densification of ceramic powder under cold compaction and high temperature were implemented into a finite element program (ABAQUS). Experimental data for relative density distributions and deformations of zirconia powder compacts produced by cold combination pressing and pressureless sintering were compared with finite element results. Finite element results agreed well with experimental data.


Near-Net-Shape Forming;Combination Pressing;Cold Isostatic Pressing;Pressureless Sintering;Finite Element Analysis;Zirconia Powder


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