Flow Analysis with Ratio of Expansional /Contractional Viscosity during Compression Molding of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Polymeric Composites

연속섬유강화 플라스틱 복합재의 압축성형에 있어서 확대/축소 점도비를 고려한 유동해석

Kim, Hyeong-Cheol;Chae, Gyeong-Cheol;Jo, Seon-Hyeong;Kim, Lee-Gon

  • Published : 2000.03.01


To obtain an excellent product and decide on optimum molding conditions, it is important to establish the relationship between molding conditions and viscosity. The composites is treated as a pseudoplastic fluid, and the expansional/contractional viscosity of the fiber-reinforced polymeric composites is measured using the parallel plastometer, and the model for flow state has been simulated with the viscosity. The effects of expansional slip parameter $\alpha$e, and expansional/contractional viscosity ratio $\mu$${\gamma}$, on the mold filling parameters are also discussed


Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Polymeric composites;Compression Molding;Measurement of Expansional /Contractional Viscosity;Flow Analysis with Ratio of Expansional /Contractional Viscosity


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