Evaluation of Ct-parameter for Weld Interface Crack Considering Material Plastic Behavior

재료의 소성 거동을 고려한 용접 계면균열의 Ct 매개변수

  • Published : 2000.03.01


In this study, behavior of $C_t$ which is a well-known fracture parameter characterizing creep crack growth rate, is investigated for weld interface cracks. Finite element analyses were per formed for a C(T) specimen under constant loading condition for elastic-plastic-creeping materials. In modeling C(T) geometry, an interface was employed along the crack plane which simulated the interface between weld and base metals. The $C_t$ versus time relations were obtained under various creep constant combinations and plastic constant combinations for weld and base metals, respectively. A unified $C_t$ versus time curve is obtained by normalizing $C_t$ with $C^*$ and t with $t_T$ for all the cases of material constant variations.


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