Responses of Ultrasonic Backscattered Energy and AE Charateristics on the Progressive Damage of Crossply Composite Laminates

초음파와 음향 방출법을 이용한 복합재료 직교적층판의 점진적 손상과정에 관한 연구

Jeon, Heung-Jae

  • Published : 2000.05.01


Responses of ultrasonic back scattered energy and AE (Acoustic Emission) characteristics related to the progressive damage of $[0/90-{2}]_s$ and $[0/90-{4}]_s$ crossply laminates were studied. It was found that the ultrasonic backscattered energy was sensitive to the matrix cracking but not sensitive to other failure mechanisms. However, AE was proved to be sensitive to matrix cracking as well as other failure mechanisms.AE signals were analyzed by investigating the amplitude and number of counts per event for corresponding applied strain. Loading and unloading tests were conducted separately. AE results showed Kaiser effect in the crossply composite laminates and ultrasonic results supported the AE results.


Crossply Composite Laminate;Progressive Damage;Ultrasonic Backscattered Energy;Acoustic Emission


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