Vibration Analysis of an Automatic Ball Balancer with Double Races

이중레이스를 갖는 자동평형장치의 진동해석

Lee, Dong-Jin;Jeong, Jin-Tae;Hwang, Cheol-Ho

  • Published : 2000.05.01


Dynamic behaviors are analyzed for an automatic ball balancer with double races which is a device to reduce eccentricity of rotors. Equations of motion are derived by using the polar coordinate sys tem instead of the rectangular coordinate system which is used in other previous researches. To analyze the stability around equilibrium positions, the perturbation method is used. On the other hand, the time responses are computed from the nonlinear equations of motion by using a time integration method.


Automatic Ball Balancer;Dynamic Balancing;Perturbation Method;Dynamic Stability


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