A Study on Reduction of Thermal Interlaminar Forces of Fiber-Reinforced Laminate Composites Using Volume Fraction Gradient

체적비구배를 이용한 섬유강화 적층 복합재의 열하중에 의한 층건력 감소에 대한 연구

Choe, Deok-Gi;Sin, Jong-Han

  • Published : 2000.05.01


This paper addresses an application of a fiber volume fraction gradients to reduce the interlaminar forces of fiber reinforced composites subjected to thermal loadings. The degree of the reduction in the interlaminar forces may be expressed by introducing a new parameter, so called, the interlaminar force parameter. Several cases of stacking sequences and models for fiber volume fraction gradients prove the availability of the new parameter which is defined in this study.


Fiber Volume Fraction Gradient;Thermal Loadings;Interlaminar Force Parameter;Stacking Sequences


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