Model Updating of a Car Body Structure Using a Generalized Free-Interface Mode Sensitivity Method

일반화 자유경계 모드 감도법을 이용한 차체구조물의 모델개선

Jang, Gyeong-Jin;Park, Yeong-Pil

  • Published : 2000.05.01


It is necessary to develop an efficient analysis method to identify the dynamic characteristics of a large mechanical structure and update its finite element model. That is because these processes need the huge computation of a large structure and iterative estimation due to the use of the first- order sensitivity. To efficiently carry out these processes, a new method, called the generalized free-interface mode sensitivity method, has been proposed in the authors' preceeding paper. This method is based on substructuring approach such as a free-interface method and a generalized synthesis algorithm. In this paper, the proposed method is applied to the model updating of a car body structure to verify its accuracy and reliability for a large mechanical structure


Model Updating;Component Mode Synthesis;Free-Interface Method;Modal Sensitivity


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