A Study on the Improvement of Fatigue Strength in Particulate Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites at Elevated Temperatures

입자강화 금속기 복합재료의 고온 피로강도 향상에 관한 연구

Sin, Hyeong-Seop

  • Published : 2000.05.01


Fatigue strength of NiAl and Ni$_3$Al particulate reinforced aluminum alloy composites fabricated by the diecasting method was examined at room and elevated temperatures. The results were compared wit h that of SiC particulate reinforced one. The particulate reinforced composites showed some improvement in the static and fatigue strength at elevated temperatures when compared with that of Al alloy. The composites reinforced by intermetallic compound particles showed good fatigue strengths at elevated temperatures especially $Ni_3AI_{p}/Al$ alloy composite showed good fatigue limit up to high temperature of 30$0^{\circ}C$. Adopting intermetallic compound particle as a reinforcement phase, it will be possible to develop MMC representing better fatigue property at elevated temperature.


Particulate Reinforced Composite;Fatigue Strength;Intermetallic Compound;Diecasting;Interface Property;Elevated Temperature


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