Dynamic Modeling of an Fine Positioner Using Magnetic Levitation

자기 부상 방식 미세 운동 기구의 동적 모델링

Jeong, Gwang-Seok;Baek, Yun-Su

  • Published : 2000.05.01


In this paper, we introduce a positioner based on magnetic levitation to eliminate the friction which is the most severe effect to limit high resolution on the micro level. Differently from existing electromagnetic device, the proposed positioner consists of air core solenoid and permanent magnet. Although the combination produces small magnetic force, it is suitable for realizing micro motion repeatedly without the accumulation of error because there is no hysteresis caused by ferromagnetic materials, no eddy current loss, no flux saturation. First, the approximate modeling of stiffness and damping effects between the magnetic elements is made and verified experimentally. Then, we have formulated the dynamic equation of one d.o.f magnetic levitation positioner using linear perturbation method and discussed the necessity of optimization for the chief design parameters to maximize the stability performance.


Magnetic Levitation;Air Core Solenoid;Magnetic Field Density;Magnetic Flux;Electromotive Force;Induced Current;Optimization


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