Vibration Analysis of Hard Disk Drive System

하드 디스크 드라이브 계의 진동해석

  • Published : 2000.05.01


This paper relates to the flexural vibration analysis of the hard disk drive (HDD) spindle systems by means of the finite element method. In contrast to previous researches, every system componebt is here analytically modeled taking into account its flexibility and also the centrifugal effect particularly for the disk. To prove the effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed method, commercial HDD spindle systems with two and three identical disks are chosen as examples. Then, their major flexural natural modes are computed employing only a small number of element meshes as the shaft rotaional speed is varied, and compared with the bumerical or experimental results.


Finite Element Method;Spindle System;Flexural Vibration;Flexibility;Isotropic System;Campbell Diagram;Frequency Response Fuction;Couypling


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