Advanced Genetic Algrorithm Strategies in Optimal Design of Stiffened Composite Panels

보강된 복합재 패널의 최적설계를 위한 유전알고리듬의 연구

  • Lee, Jong-Su
  • 이종수
  • Published : 2000.05.01


The paper describes the use of genetic algorithms (GA's) to the minimum weight design of stiffened composite panels for buckling constraints. The proposed design problem is characterized by mixture of continuous and discrete design variables corresponding to panel elements and stacking sequence of laminates, respectively. Design space is multimodal and non-convex, thereby introducing the need for global search strategies. Advanced strategies in GA's such as directed crossover, multistage search and separated crossover are adopted to improve search ability and to save computational resource requirements. The paper explores the effectiveness of genetic algorithms and their advanced strategies in designing stiffened composite panels under various uniaxial compressive load conditions and the linrlit on stacking sequence of laminates


Genetic Algorithms, GAs;Directed Crossover;Multistage Search;Separated Crossover;Stiffened Composite Panel;Stacking Sequence;Buckling


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