An Experimental Study on the Fatigue Behavior and Stress Interaction of Arbitrarily Located Defects (I)

불규칙하게 분포된 미소결함 사이의 응력간섭 및 피로균열 거동에 대한 실험적 연구 (1)

Song, Sam-Hong;Bae, Jun-Su;Choe, Byeong-Ho

  • Published : 2000.05.01


In this study, fatigue crack behavior between arbitrarily located defects was investigated by experiment. Especially, stress interaction between micro hole defects and fatigue cracking, and fatigue crack initiation life following the variation of location of micro hole defects were considered. In addition, crack initiation position by micro hole stress interaction and the relationship between stress concentration factor and fatigue initiation life are studied in detail.


Fatigue Crack Propagation;Fatigue Crack Initiation;Fatigue Notch Factor;Stress Interaction Field;Fatigue Crack Initation Life


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