A Structural Optimization Methodology Using the Independence Axiom

독립 공리를 이용한 구조 최적화 방법론 개발

  • Published : 2000.10.01


The Design Axioms provide a general framework for design methodologies. The axiomatic design framework has been successfully applied to various design tasks. However, the axiomatic design has been rarely utilized in the detailed design process of structures where the optimization technology is generally carried out. The relationship between the axiomatic design and the optimization is investigated and Logical Decomposition method is developed for a systematic structural optimization. The entire optimization process is decomposed to satisfy the Independence Axiom. In the decomposition process, design variables are grouped according to sensitivities. The sensitivities are evaluated by the Analysis of Variance(ANOVA) to avoid considering only local values. The developed method is verified through examples such as the twenty -five members transmission tower and the two -bay-six-story frame.


Axiomatic Design;Structural Optimization;Logical Decomposition;Sum of Squares;Uncoupled Design;Nearly-Uncoupled Design


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