Multi-Modal Vibration Control of Truss Structures Using Piezoelectric Actuators

압전작동기를 이용한 트러스 구조물의 다중 모드 진동제어

  • Published : 2000.10.01


Truss structures are widely used in many space structures, such as large antenna systems, space stations, precision segmented telescopes because they are light in weight and amenable in assembly or deployment. But, due to the low damping capacity, they remain excited for a long time once disturbed. These structural vibrations can reduce life of the structures and cause unstable dynamic characteristics. In this research, vibration suppression experiment has carried out with a three-dimensional 15-member truss structure using two piezoelectric actuators. Piezoelectric actuators which consist of stacks of thin piezoelectric material disks are directly inserted to the truss structure collocated with the strain sensors. Each actuator is controlled digitally in decentralized manner, based on local integral and proportional feedback. The optimal positions of the actuators are determined by the modal damping ratio and the control force. Numerical simulation has carried out to determine optimal position of each actuator.


Truss Structures;Active Vibration Control;Piezoelectric Actuator;Optimal Position Index;Modal Damping Ratio;Digital Control


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