AE Characteristics on Microscopic Failure Behavior of Carbon/Epoxy Comosite Prepared by Cocure and Precure Process

Cocure/Precure 경화공정에 의해 제조된 Carbon/Epoxy 복합재료의 미시적 파손거동에 대한 AE 특성

  • Published : 2000.10.01


Mechanical and physical properties of composite materials make a great difference due to their cure process condition. In order to clarify the effect of cure process condition on the microscopic damage behavior and failure mechanism of Carbon/Epoxy composites, three point bend test has been performed. For this purpose, two kinds of specimens with single adhesive and multiple adhesive layers were prepared. For single adhesive layer, four different types of specimen were used, that is, non-sanding, sanding, cocured, laminated specimens. Three different types of specimen were also used for the multiple adhesive layer, non-sanding, sanding, cocured specimens. Acoustic emission technique has also been employed to monitor the damage progresses associated with each micro-failure mechanism. The characteristics of AE parameters associated with micro-failure mechanism of each specimen were discussed.


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