Weld Quality Assurance Method using Statistical Analysis of Primary Dynamic Resistance During Resistance Spot Welding

1차 동저항 패턴의 통계적 분석에 의한 저항 점 용접의 용접 품질 예측에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.10.01


In previous studies, the dynamic resistance, which was calculated by the process variables measured at the electrode of the welding machine, and the electrode displacement were used for quality exa mination. However, in-process usage of such systems is not effective in systems that include a welding gun attached to a robot. In order to overcome such problems, we obtained and used the process variables from the welding machine timer. This would allow us to estimate real time in -process weld quality. For quality estimation, the features were extracted as factors from the primary dynamic resistance patterns, which were measured in t he welding machine timer. The relationship between the indexes and nugget size of the welds was observed through the regression analysis. Using the analyzed factors, a regression model that could estimate nugget diameter was developed. Two regression equations of the model were suggested depending on the factors, and it was showed that the model developed by stepwise method was effective one for weld quality estimation. The developed estimation model was in good linearity with the nugget diameter obtained through the experimentation.


Resistance Spot Welding;Primary Dynamic Resistance;Regression Analysis;Correlation;Quality Estimation


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