Fracture and Wear Behavior of Dental Composite Resins Containing Prepolymerized Particle Fillers

유기복합필러를 함유하는 차과용 컴퍼짓 레진의 파괴와 마멸거동

  • Published : 2000.02.01


The fracture and wear behavior of dental composite resins containing prepolymerized particle fillers were investigated. Composite resins such as Metafil, Silux Plus, Heliomolar and Palfique Estelite were selected as specimens and contents of filler in specimens in order to evaluate the effect of prepolymerized particle fillers in fracture and wear characteristics. Ball on flat wear tester was used for the wear test at room temperature. The friction coefficient of Metafil was quite high relatively, and the wear resistances of Silux Plus and Palfique Estelite were better than those of Metafil and Heliomolar at the same experimental condition. It was found that the main wear mechanism was abrasive wear containing of plastic deformation of dental material.


Composite Resin;Dental Materials;Wear Mechanism;Specific Wear Rate


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