Parallel Crack with Constant Velocity in Two Bonded Anisotropic Strip Under Anti-Plane Deformation

두 이방성 띠판에 내재된 면외변형하의 등속평행 균열

  • Published : 2000.02.01


A semi-infinite parallel crack propagated with constant velocity in two bonded anisotropic strip under anti-plane clamped displacement is analyzed. Using Fourier integral transform a Wiener-Hopf equation is derived. By solving this equation the asymptotic stress and displacement fields near the crack tip are determined, where the results give the more general expression applicable to the extent of the anisotropic material having one plane of elastic symmetry for the parallel crack. The dynamic stress intensity factor and energy release rate are also obtained as a closed form, which are the results applicable to the problem both of dynamic and static crack under the same geometry as this study. The stress intensity factor approaches zero at the critical crack velocity which is less than the shear wave velocity, but in typical case of isotropic or orthotropic material agrees with the velocity of shear wave. Also a circular shear stress around crack tip is considered, from which the stress is shown to be approximately symmetric about the horizontal axis. Referring to the maximum stress criteria, it could be shown that a brenched crack is formed by crack growth as crack velocity increases.


Dynamic Stress Intensity Factor;Parallel Crack;Strip;Anti-Plane;Energy Release Rate


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