A Study on the Correction Factor of Flow Angel by using the One Dimentional Performance Model of Torque Converter

토크 컨버터의 1차원 성능 모델을 이용한 유동 각도 보정 계수에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.02.01


One dimensional performance model has been used for the design of torque converter. The model is based on the concept of constant mean flow path and constant flow angle. These constant-assumed para meters make the design procedure to be simple. In practice, some parameters are usually replaced with geometric raw data and, the constant experiential correction factors have been used to minimize the design error. These factors have no definite physical meaning and so they cannot be applied confidently to the other design condition. In this study, the detail dynamic model of torque converter is presented to establish the theoretical background of correction factors. To verify the validity of theoretical model, steady state performance test was carried out on the several input speed. The oil temperature effect on the performance is analysed and adjusted. The constant equivalent flow angles are determined at a part of performance region by comparing the theoretical model and the test data. The sensitivity of correction factors to the input speeds are studied and the change of torus flow is presented.


Torque Converter;Mean Flow Path;Torus Flow;Equivalent Parameter;Flow Angle


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