Development of a Large Force Standard Machine with Built-in Force Transducers

내장형 힘 변환기를 이용한 대용량 힘 표준기 개발

  • Published : 2000.03.01


Force measuring devices should be calibrated to guarantee their test results. In order to establish the force standards in Korea, deadweight machines of 5 kN, 20 kN, 100 kN and 500 kN capacity and a hydraulic force standard machine of 2 MN capacity were installed at the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science(KRISS). As heavy industries in Korea have been developed, we should measure large forces over 2 MN capacity precisely in industries. We developed a 10 MN force standard machine with built-in force transducers which is more compact and cheaper than hydraulic force standard machines which have been widely used as large force standards in most national metrology laboratories. Test results reveal that the relative expanded uncertainty of the force machine is less than 4.1 $\times$ 10-4 in the range of 1 MN-4.5 MN.


Built-in Force Transducer;Force Standard Machine;Calibration;Uncertainty;Deadweight Force


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