Boundary Element Analysis of Singular Stresses in a Viscoelastic Thin Film due to Moisture Absorption

수분 흡수로 인해 점탄성 필름에 발생하는 특이 응력의 경계요소해석

  • Lee, Sang-Sun
  • 이상순
  • Published : 2000.03.01


This paper deals with the stress singularity induced at the interface corner between the viscoelastic thin film and the rigid substrate as the film absorbs moisture from the ambient environment. Th e time domain boundary element method is employed to investigate the behavior of interface stresses. The order of the free-edge singularity is obtained numerically for a given viscoelastic model. It is shown that the stress singularity factor is relaxed with time, while the order of the singularity increases with time for the viscoelastic model considered.


Viscoelastic Film;Order of Singularity;BEM;Stress Singularity


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