Spot Weld Fatigue Life Prediction of Auto Set Belt Anchors Using $K_e$

K_e에 의한 차량 안전벨트 앵커의 점용접 피로수명 예측

Kim, Nam-Ho;Lee, Hyeong-Il

  • Published : 2000.03.01


As the welding spot forms a singular geometry of an external crack type, fatigue failure of spot-welded specimens can be evaluated by means of a fracture parameter. Recasting the load vs. fatigue life relationships experimentally obtained, we predicted the fatigue life of spot-weld specimens with a single parameter denoted the equivalent stress intensity factor. This crack driving parameter is demonstrated to successfully describe the effects of specimen geometry and loading type in a comprehensive manner. The suggested fatigue life formula for a single spot weld can play a key role in the design and assessment of spot-welded panel structures, in that the fatigue strength of multi-spots is eventually determined by the fatigue strength of each single spot. We therefore attempt to evaluate the effectiveness and validity of $K_e$ in predicting the fatigue life of auto seat belt anchor panel. We first establish finite element models reflecting the actual mechanical behavior of 3 types of seat belt anchor specimens. Using finite element models elaborately established, we then obtain the effective crack driving parameter $K_e$ composed of its ductility -dependent modal components. It is confirmed that the $K_e$ concept successfully predicts the fatigue life of multi-spot welded panel structures represented by auto seat belt anchors here


Spot Welding;Multi-spot Welding;fatigue Failure;Fatigue Life;Panel Structure;Equivalent Stress Intensity Factor;Auto Seat Belt Anchor


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