A Comparative Study on the Cyclic Behavior and Fatigue Life of Cast and Extruded SiC -Particulate - Reinforced Al-Si Composites

주조 및 압출가공된 SiC입자강화 알루미늄복합재의 피로거동 및 피로수명에 대한 비교 연구

  • Published : 2000.03.01


The low-cycle fatigue behaviors of cast AI-Si alloy and composite with reinforcement of SIC particles were compared with those of extruded unreinforced matrix alloy and composite in order to investigate the influence of cast and extrusion processes on the cyclic deformation and fatigue life. Generally, both cast and extruded composites including the unreinforced alloy exhibited cyclic hardening behaviour, with more pronounced strain-hardening for the composites with a higher volume fraction of the SiC particles. However, cast composite under a low applied cyclic strain showing no observable plastic strain exhibited cyclic softening behavior due to the cast porosities. The elastic modulus and yield strength of the cast composite were found to be quite comparable to those of the extruded composite, however, the extrusion process considerably improved the ductility and fracture strength of the composite by effectively eliminating the cast porosities. Low-cycle fatigue lives of the cast alloy and composite were shorter than those of the extruded counterparts. Large difference in life between cast and extruded composites was attributed to the higher influence of the cast porosities on the fatigue life of the composite than that of the unreinforced alloy material. A fatigue damage parameter using strain energy density effectively represented the inferior life in the low-cycle regime and superior life in the high-cycle regime for the composite, compared to the unreinforced alloy.


Particulate-Reinforced Composite;Cycle Plasticity;Porosity;Low-Cycle Fatigue Damage


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