Dynamics of a Rotating Cantilever Beam Near Its Critical Angular Speed

임계각속도 주변에서의 회전 외팔보의 동역학

  • Published : 2000.05.01


Dynamics of a rotating cantilever beam near its critical angular speed is investigated in this paper. The external, force is idealized as a periodic function which has the same period as the rotati ng frequency of the beam. The equations of motion are derived and transformed into a dimensionless form. A prescribed spin-up motion is employed for the rotating motion. Numerical study shows that the steady state and the transient responses of the beam are affected by the spin-up time constant and there exists a time constant at which the maximum transient response becomes minimum.


Rotating Cantilever Beams;Critical Angular Speed;Natural Frequency Variation;Slenderness Ratio;Hub Radius Ratio;External Force Ratio;Gyroscopic Damping Effect


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