Texture Analysis of Nickel Plating Surface Roughness Using Statistical Method

통계적 방법을 이용한 니켈도금 표면거칠기의 텍스처 해석

Gong, Jae-Hang;Sa, Seung-Yun;Yu, Bong-Hwan

  • Published : 2000.05.01


There have been many developments in super precision working technique and working method up to, now. But, it is very difficult to evaluate working surface accurately without the technicians experience and judgment. Surface roughness tester using stylus was used to measure surface condition generally But this method is not so desirable because of damage on test piece caused by contact between the workpiece and the stylus sensor. As a result, non-contact method was known as a good way to carry, out this process without damage. However, this is a difficult one among the various measuring methods. So we are tying to suggest a new method using texture analysis through image processing to get a surface information in worked test piece. Co-occurrence matrix using difference of gray levels between a pixel and its neighboring one was used to study behavior of surface roughness and to J acquire data for analysis. Standard specimen was adapted to verify this research. We suggest texture information method in order to evaluate surface state for the best measurement system.


Texture Information;Position Operator;Intensity Gradient;Quantization;Co-occurrence Matrix


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