Flaw Analysis Based Life Assessment of Welded Tubular Joint

결함해석에 기초한 배관용접부 수명평가

  • Published : 2000.05.01


In power generation systems a variety of structural components typically operate at high temperature and pressure. Therefore a life assessment methodology accounting for gradual creep fracture is increasingly needed for these components. The most critical defects in such structure are generally found in the form of semi-elliptical surface cracks in the welded tubular joints. Therefore the analysis of a semi-elliptical surface crack in a plate or a shell is an important problem in engineering fracture mechanics. On this background, via shell/line-spring finite element analyses of such surface cracks in the welded T and L joints under various loadings, we investigate J-integral along the crack front We first develop T and L joints auto mesh generation program providing ABAQUS input file composed of shell/line-spring finite elements. We then further develop a T and L joints life assessment program based on the experimental creep crack growth law and auto mesh generation program in a graphical user interface format Finally the remaining life of T and L joints for various analytical parameters are assessed using the developed life assessment program.


Life Assessment Program;Automatic Mesh Generation Program;Line-spring Finite Element;T-joint;L-joint;Experimental Creep Crack Growth Law


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