A Study on the Leakage Analysis of Scroll Compressor with Thermal Deformation Considered

열변형을 고려한 스크롤 압축기의 누설 해석에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.10.01


In general, it is known that the portion of leakage loss is more than 20 % of total loss in scroll compressor. So far many studies have been done to improve the leakage problem and volumetric efficiency. In order to do this it is necessary that the leakage is exactly evaluated for conventional scroll model. Almost all studies that have been done were assumed that the clearance remains constant while operating. But in actual operating conditions, scroll wrap is deformed due to elevated refrigerant gas temperature. And this makes the leakage clearance change, so the leakage mass flow and the volumetric efficiency are also changed. In this study we assumed the steady state operating condition and obtain the average temperature and convection heat transfer coefficient in terms of involute angle. With these results, using finite element method we analyzed the heat transfer of scroll wrap, then did thermal deformation analysis. Then we obtain the leakage clearance and do the leakage and volumetric efficiency analysis. Compared with undeformed feature, we examine the effect of the thermal deformation on the leakage. The results say that the leakage mass flow for the case of considering thermal deformation is less than that for the unconsidered one, and this means that the leakage clearance is reduced due to thermal deformation.


Scroll Compressor;Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient;Thermal Deformation;Leakage;Clearance;Volumetric Efficiency;Scroll Wrap


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