Design of a Geometric Adaptive Straightness Controller for Shaft Straightening Process

축교정을 위한 기하학적 진직도 적응제어기 설계

  • Published : 2000.10.01


In order to minimize straightness error of deflected shaft, a geometric adaptive straightness controller system is studied. A multi-step straightening and a three-point bending process have been developed for the geometric adaptive straightness controller. Load-deflection relationship, on-line identification of variations of material properties, on-line springback prediction, and real-time hydraulic control methodology are studied for the three-point bending process. By deflection pattern analysis and fuzzy self-learning method in the multi-step straightening process, a straightening point and direction, desired permanent deflection and supporting condition are determined. An automatic straightening machine has been fabricated for rack bars by using the developed ideas. Validity of the proposed system is verified through experiments.


Shaft Straightening;Springback;Three-Point Bending;Multi-Step Straightening;Fuzzy Self-Learning;Geometric Adaptive Control


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