A Study on the Application of the Curvature Theory of Ruled Surfaces for the Development of Five-Axis NC Machine Real-Time Control Algorithm

5축 NC 기계의 실시간 제어기법 개발을 위한 룰드 서피스 곡률 이론의 적용 연구

  • Published : 2000.01.01


This paper presents the real time control method of 5-axis NC machine for high precision and productivity based on the curvature theory, of a ruled surface. The trajectory, of NC machine is described by, way of a ruled surface generated by the points on part surface and tool axis direction vector. The curvature theory, of a ruled surface is then applied to deter-mine the motion parameters of the 5-axis machine for control. The controller computes position, orientation, and differential motion parameters of the tool in each sampling period. The real-time approach produces smoother surfaces and requires substantially less machining time compared to conventional off-line approaches. The propose real-time control method based of the curvature theory of a ruled surface may give new methodology of precision 5-axis machine control.


5-Axis NC;Ruled Surface;Trajectory Planning;Curvature Theory;Real-Time Control


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