Development and Implementation of Algebraic Elimination Algorithm for the Synthesis of 5-SS Spatial Seven-bar Motion Generator

5-SS 공간 7절 운동생성기 합성을 위한 대수적 소거 알고리듬의 개발과 구현

  • Published : 2000.01.01


Dimensional synthesis of planar and spatial mechanisms mostly requires solution-finding, procedure for a system of polynomial equations. In case the system is nonlinear, numerical techniques like Newton-Raphson are often used. But there are no logical ways for finding all possible solutions in such iterative methods. In this paper, algebraic elimination is used to get all solutions for the synthesis of 5-SS spatial mechanism with seven prescribed positions. The proposed algorithm is more suitable for computer implementation and takes less time than existing one. Two numerical examples are given to demonstrate the implemented algorithm.


Motion Generation;Algebraic Elimination;Determinat;Resultant;S-S or SS link


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