Dynamic Stability of a Free-Free Beam with a Tip Rigid Body under a Controlled Pulsating Thrust

끝단 강체를 갖고 맥동 제어추력을 받는 양단 자유보의 동적 안정성

  • Published : 2000.01.01


The paper describes the parametric instability of free-free beams subjected to a controlled pulsating follower force. The beam has a tip rigid body not a mass point, and the direction of pulsating follower force is controlled by the direction control sensor. Equations of motion are derived by Hamilton's principle and the instability regions are obtained by finite element formulation. The effects of magnitude, rotary inertia, the distance between free end of the beam and the center of gravity of the rigid body on the instability types and regions are investigated by the change of the constant and periodic part of the follower force.


Tip Rigid Body;Pulsating Controlled Thrust;Free-Free Beam;Parametric Instability


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