Modal Synthesis of a Car Body Structure Using an Improved Experimental Free-Interface Method

개선 실험 자유경계법을 이용한 차체 구조물의 모드합성

  • Published : 2000.06.01


In the authors' preceeding paper, an improved component mode synthesis (CMS) technique in which experimental data as well as finite-element data are available in sub-systems has been proposed. Thi s technique, called an improved experimental free-interface method (IEFIM), has been proved to be more accurate and more efficient than the conventional experimental CMS method based on McNeal's formulation. It is due to the facts that dynamic residual terms as well as static ones are compensated from experimentally obtained FRFs and that FRFs measured on any frequencies can be used for the compensation. In this paper, the technique is applied to the component mode synthesis of a car body structure. As a result, the applicability of the technique to a large structure is demonstrated.


Component Mode Synthesis;Free-Interface Method;Improved Experimental Free-Interface Method


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