Analysis of Actuating and Joint Reaction Forces for Various Drivings in Multibody Systems with Closed-Loops

페루프를 포함하는 다물체계에 있어서 구동방법에 따른 구동력 및 조인트 반력 해석

  • Published : 2000.06.01


Analysis of actuating forces and joint reaction forces are essential to determine the capacity of actuators, to control the system and to design the components. This paper presents an algorithm tha t calculates actuating forces(or torques) depending on the various driving types to produce a given system motion. The joint reaction forces(or torques) of multibody systems with closed-loops are analyzed in the Cartesian coordinate space using the inverse velocity transformation technique. Two numerical examples were carried out to verify the algorithm proposed.


Multibody System;inverse Dynamics;Inverse Velocity Transfor mation;Actuating Force;Joint Reaction Force


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