The Application of AE for a Drilling Damage Process Monitoring in [0/90 0 ]s CFRP Composites

[0/90 0 ]s CFRP 복합재의 드릴작업손상과정 모니터링에 대한 AE의 적용

  • Published : 2000.06.01


In recent years, CFRP composite materials have been increasingly used in various fields of engineering because of a high specific strength and stiffness properties. Drilling is one of the most impo rtant cutting processes that are generally carried out on CFRP materials owing to the need for the structural integration. However, delamination are often occurred as one of the drilling damages. Therefore, there are needs studying for the relationships between CFRP drilling and delamination in order to avoid low strength of the structures and inaccuracies of the integration. In this study, AE signals and thrust forces were used for the evaluations of the delamination from a drilling process in [0/900]s CFRP materials. And the drilling damage processes were observed and measured by a real time monitoring technique with a video camera. From the results, we found that the relationships between the delamination from drilling and AE characteristics and drill thrust forces for [0/900]s CFRP composites. Also, we proposed the monitoring method for a visual analysis of drilling damages.


CFRP;Acoustic Emission;Drilling Damage Process;Delamination


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