A Global Optimization Algorithm Based on the Extended Domain Elimination Method

영역 제거법의 확장을 통한 전체 최적화 알고리듬 개선

  • Published : 2000.01.01


An improved global optimization algorithm is developed by extending the domain elimination method. The concept of triangular patch consists of two or more trajectories of local minimizations is introduced to widen the attraction region of the domain elimination method. Using the an-]c between each of three vertices of the patch and a design point, we measure the proximity, between the design point and the patch. With the Gram-Schimidt orthonormalization, this method can be extended to general n-dimensional problems. We code the original domain elimination algorithm and a patch-based algorithm. Then we compare the performance of two algorithms. Through the well-known example problems. the algorithm using patch is shown to be superior to the original domain elimination algorithm in view of computational efficiency.


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