Characteristics of Herringbone-Grooved Hydrodynamic Bearing and Scanner Motor for Laser Beam Printer

레이저 프린터에 사용되는 빗살무늬 유체동압 베어링과 스캐너 모터의 특성

  • Published : 2000.01.01


Frictions and electrical contact voltages of the herringbone-grooved hydrodynamic bearing(HHB) were 9, measured to use in a laser scanner motor. This bearing with varying loads, speeds, oil viscosity, and radial clearances successfully operated up to 28,000rpm and 0.5N. Experimental results under various environments confirmed that this bearing had excellent performance with low friction force, and operated without contact between shaft and sleeve.


Herringbone-Grooved Hydrodynamic Bearing;Scanner Motor;Laser Beam Printer


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