Buckling Analysis of Two Isotropic Layers Bonded to a Semi-Infinite Substrate

반무한체에 접합된 두 등방성 층의 좌굴 해석

  • Published : 2000.08.01


The buckling of two elastic layers bonded to a semi-infinite substrate under a transverse compressive plane strain is investigated. Incremental deformation theory, which considers the effect of the initial stress on the incremental stress field, is employed to describe the buckling behavior of both two isotropic layers and the semi-infinite substrate. The problem is converted to an eigenvalue-eigenvector case, from which the critical buckling strain and the buckling wavelength are obtained. The results are presented on the effects of the layer geometries and material properties on the buckling behavior.


Isotropic;Incremental Deformation Theory;Semi-infinite Substrate;Critical Buckling Strain


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