Evaluation of Degradation Behavior of the Long-Term Serviced Boiler Header

장기 사용 보일러 헤더의 열화거동 평가에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.07.01


The degradation of a boiler header constructed by a material, 1Cr-0.5Mo steel in a fossil power plant is observed when the header is exposed for a long period to the high temperature and pressure. The present investigations are for evaluating the effect of the degradation on the material, such as its strength changes. Reheat-treated metal is used to compare the mechanical properties of the degraded and that of reheat-treated materials. Through the investigation, following results are obtained 1) the area ratio of ferrite in the reheat-treated material is larger than that of the degraded material, 2) the hardness and tensile strength of the degraded material are lower than that of the reheat-treated material, 3) the ductile-brittle transition temperature(DBTT) increased toward high temperature region, 4) the fatigue crack growth rate(FCGR) of the degraded material is higher than that of the reheat-treated material in the region of low ΔK value while FCGR of the both materials are similar in high ΔK region.


Boiler Header;1Cr-0.5Mo Steel;Degradation;Reheat-Treated MateriaI;Fatigue Crack Growth


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