Fault Diagnosis of Gear Chain Using Vibration Signal

진동신호를 이용한 기어체인의 고장진단

  • Published : 2000.07.01


The Vibration signals of a gear driving system is often associated with gear tooth faults. Many studies have been done on the detection of impulsive vibration signals, which characterize the breaka ge of a gear tooth. Also, most of the studies on gear fault diagnosis are only about the fault existence at one gear-pair. This study concerns on the several possible faults of a geared motor that has three gear pairs. The measurement and analysis on the vibration signals of a running geared motor shows the relationship between the gear faults and the vibration signals. This study also shows that adaptive interference canceling technique can be appropriately applicable to detect which gear-pair has the fault, and that wavelet is better than spectrogram to figure out the gear fault.


Fault Diagnosis;Gear Chain;Adaptive Interference Canceling;Spectrogram;Wavelet


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