Measurement Technique of Cutting Temperatures Using Implanted Thermocouples in Ball End-Milling

볼 엔드밀링에서 열전대를 이용한 절삭온도 측정법

  • Published : 2000.07.01


In this paper, the measurement technique of cutting temperatures of shear zone using implanted thermocouples is proposed in ball end milling. K-type thermocouple implanted in the hole of workpieces is directly cut in order to measure temperatures of the shear zone in cutting process. Experiments are performed for a nickel based superalloy(Inconel 718) using a ball nose end mill. The results show that the cutting temperature in shear zone is about 3200C at the cutting speed of 90m/min with dry.


Cutting Temperature;Implanted Thermocouple;Ball End-Milling


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