Inverse Analysis Approach to Flow Stress Evaluation by Small Punch Test

소형펀치 시험과 역해석에 의한 재료의 유동응력 결정

  • Published : 2000.07.01


An inverse method is presented to obtain material's flow properties by using small punch test. This procedure employs, as the objective function of inverse analysis, the balance of measured load-di splacement response and calculated one during deformation. In order to guarantee convergence to global minimum, simulated annealing method was adopted to optimize the current objective function. In addition, artificial neural network was used to predict the load-displacement response under given material parameters which is the most time consuming and limits applications of global optimization methods to these kinds of problems. By implementing the simulated annealing for optimization along with calculating load-displacement curve by neural network, material parameters were identified irrespective of initial values within very short time for simulated test data. We also tested the present method for error-containing experimental data and showed that the flow properties of material were well predicted.


Flow Stress;Small Punch Test;Simulated Annealing;Neural Network;Optimization;Inverse Problem


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